Marketing: Important to You, Your Business, and Your Clients

Marketing, the central aspect in every element of sales no matter what the good or service. From the time we were all young, everything we have ever wanted, or felt that we “needed”, revolved around the way we were marketed to. Marketing professionals pay great levels of attention to minuet details in all four major areas of demographic, psychographic, behavioral and geographic characteristics that make up their target market.


Some questions you should ask yourself may be; who are my target market, where do members of my target market come from geographically, how old are these members, how educated are these members, why would members of this market feel a need/want for my product or service and why would my product or service specifically be enticing to them, what complementary/supplementary products or services are of interest to them? These questions are but a few of the hundreds or even thousands of questions that true marketing industry professionals ask when designing a marketing campaign. We are all in business to offer a world-class product or service, and if we can’t get our product or service out to the world, our overall level of success is already at a disadvantage. For those of us in the Real Estate industry, our product is the service that we offer in expertise from the front door to the back fence; we are experts in all areas of a client’s home. Aside from the generic line I have been seeing all too often lately, “Expert in services for both buyers and sellers,” we do far more than what meets the eye. However, due to insufficient marketing slogans like the one I have just mentioned, how many REALTORS© have lost out on profitable listings because their presentation or offerings were not top notch?


Our clients want you to instill faith into them that you will do the best possible job handling, marketing, and selling their home. By now we all should be well aware of who our direct competition are and exactly what marketing techniques they are advertising so that we can be a step ahead. When, “Stacking the Cool,” as Real Estate coach Tom Ferry likes to call it, we lay out all the elements we will use to market a client’s property to the largest audience possible. The larger the audience, the larger the possibility is of the property selling in the shortest amount of time and for the highest possible price, we all can have what we want! Without a well thought out and professionally crafted marketing plan for our clients, how can we ever expect to win listings against agents who are putting in the time and energy? WE CAN’T! It is time for you to step up to the plate and get going in 2017 with a marketing strategy that fits your goal for the new year and aligns with the incremental steps you will need to take, remember, Real Estate is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, enjoy the ride to the top!


Each week I will be writing an informational piece on Friday mornings detailing certain aspects of branding, marketing and sales strategies for you to see more success, sooner. As always, continue to tune in each day at for the latest trends in Real Estate as well as for information for ALL people in all industries to get ahead in their personal and business endeavors.


- Cole Mizak REALTOR©